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Affecting Price and Opportunity For Epoxy Resin.

Affecting Price and Opportunity For Epoxy Resin.

Overall, Of Epoxy Resin:

See, Epoxy resins are well-adaptable polymer materials that are generally used in numerous commercial & industrial applications due to their outstanding adherent properties, chemical hostility, and mechanical toughness. They all are mainly used in coatings, adhesives, composites, electronic gadgets, and also used in construction.

Now, we are discussing the current market prices of Epoxy Resin in India:

The amount of epoxy resin, in India can vary depending on the class and standard.  As per the report of 2024, the average price for liquid epoxy resin is around USD 2742 Per metric ton. However, prices may go up and down because; It Is based on factors like raw material costs, demand and particular pricing terms.

Factors that Affect Prices

  1. Raw Elements Cost: The prices of raw materials such as Bisphenol A and Epichlorohydrin significantly impact the final cost of Epoxy resin.
  2. Market Need: Improving demand from businesses or industries that add value such as electronics, cars and infrastructure which also creates a cause for a rise in prices.
  3. Manufacturing Expenses: Of course, both manpower and energy expenses have generated an impact on cost.

According to the above factors, here you can check the opportunity for Resin in India:

  1. Technology and R&D:
  • Producing fresh epoxy resin algorithms or applications may contribute to new opportunities for businesses.
  1. Sustainability:
  • Customers and companies who care about the environment may feel attracted to sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.
  1. Government Initiatives:
  • Market growth could be driven by using government grants and incentives for infrastructure construction and manufacturing.


Given improved infrastructure, continuous growth in the industry, and increasing customer demand from major sectors like electronics and automotive, the epoxy resin market in India looks to be set for a promising future.
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