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Metallic Powders


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Introducing Magnifico Color Pigments for Resin Art: Elevate Your Creations!

Get ready to revolutionize your resin art with the all-new Magnifico Color Pigments! Crafted explicitly for resin applications, these vibrant powders are poised to redefine how you infuse color and depth into your resin masterpieces.

Why choose Magnifico for resin? Our meticulously formulated pigments are tailor-made for effortless integration with resin, ensuring seamless blending and remarkable, enduring color vibrancy. Whether you're a seasoned resin artist or just starting your crafting journey, Magnifico empowers you to elevate your pieces to unprecedented visual heights.

Explore a diverse palette that spans from vivid, bold tones to stunning, shimmering metallics, offering you an expansive canvas of creative possibilities. Achieve captivating layers, mesmerizing effects, and intricate detailing with ease, adding a new dimension to your resin projects.

Embrace the freedom to experiment, mix, and match colors with precision. Magnifico's powder form grants you complete control over color intensity, allowing you to bring your artistic visions to life with unparalleled accuracy.

Unleash your creativity and let Magnifico Color Pigments become your partner in resin artistry. Elevate your pieces, evoke emotions, and captivate attention with every pour, swirl, or design.

Experience the magic of color infusion in resin like never before. Magnifico isn't just pigment; it's your key to unlocking a world of resin art possibilities. Join us on this colorful journey and watch your resin creations radiate with brilliance!

  • Pot Life : 120 MIN

  • Cure Time : 12 Hours

  • Max Pouring Thickness : 20MM 

  • Crystal Clear

  • Auto Bubble Release 

  • UV Resistant 

  • Viscosity : MEDIUM 

  • Overcoat Time : 8-10 hours 

Introducing Magnifico ONE Resin, a resin with such multifaceted capabilities is certainly exciting! This specialized resin, engineered with precision and adaptability in mind, is a game-changer across various industries. Its unique formulation allows it to cater to a multitude of needs:

Resin Art: For artists seeking vibrant colors, stunning finishes, and durable compositions in their creations.

Furniture & Jewelry: Offers resilience and aesthetic appeal, ensuring longevity and beauty in furniture pieces and intricate jewelry designs.

Marble & Granite Industry: Provides a cost-effective alternative with comparable durability and aesthetics, revolutionizing traditional practices.

Tile Joinery: Perfect for seamless bonding and finishing, enhancing the durability and appearance of tiled surfaces.

High Performance Industries: Its adaptability extends to industries like Carbon Fiber Composites, Electronics, Construction, Marine, Aerospace, Adhesives, Windmills, Automotive, and Medical Devices, where its properties contribute to enhanced performance, durability, and reliability.

This resin isn't just a product; it's a catalyst for innovation, enabling professionals to push boundaries and explore new creative horizons. Its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of visionaries across diverse fields.

1. How much time does it take for One Resin to fully cure?

It will take upto 12 Hours

2. What to do if the resin remains soft after 24 hours?

Wait for another 24 hours to check if it has harden, if it still hasn’t hardened, then there could be an improper mixing issue

3. How much pigments should i add?

It should not exceed more than 5% by volume

4. How much time should i mix resin & hardener?

Mix properly for atleast 3-4 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom

5. How to remove bubbles from the surface?

Its a Auto bubble release resin but,You can use a Butane/Propane Torch, or you can spray Denatured Alcohol to pop all the bubbles.

6. Why is my resin sticky even after 48 hours?

When Resin or Hardener is not mixed properly with each other, this is what happens

This is how easy it is to use Magnifico

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


Using a weighing scale, measure Part A & Part B properly

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


For atleast 3-4 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


You Heard That Right!

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


& let Magnifico do it's thang!

Customer Reviews

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Ajay Kumar
Metallic powder

Magnifico Metallic powder each and every colour is sooooo good and quality is awesome .
Thank you Magnifico

Lourembam Bireshwar Singh
Metalic powder

Metalic powder is ok. Show me different varieties.

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