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Ultra Clear Casting Resin


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  • Pot Life : 90 mins

  • Cure Time : 48 Hours

  • Max Pouring Thickness : 50 mm at 24 Degrees C 

  • Crystal Clear

  • Auto Bubble Release 

  • UV Resistant 

  • Scratch & Mar Resistant

We present to you the Magnifico Ultra Clear Casting Resin that brags the best in class clarity for your casts and molds. This UV resistant resin has a pot life of 90 mins and curing time of 48 hours. No more layer-by-layer pouring as this Resin possesses the best in class usage of 50mm thickness in a single pour! How great is it to save time and effort?

Magnifico Ultra Clear Casting Resin’s non-toxic and odorless properties allow you to work with pressure pots and vacuum chambers for casting deeper than 50mm while the auto-bubble releases the trapped air for a crystal clear work.

The low viscosity nature of this epoxy resin allows it to cure slowly. It is scratch and mar resistant, but nothing should resist you from trying out the Clear Casting Resin. Try now and unleash the magnificent creator in you

Recommended applications: River Tables, Deep Castings, Lamps, Clock Castings and many more!

Not recommended for: Top coats, small coasters, design coats as it is a really slow curing and low viscosity resin which will take really long time to cure for small castings or coatings

1. How much time does it take for Ultra Clear Casting Resin to fully cure?

It will take upto 48 Hours

2. What to do if the resin remains soft after 48 hours? 

Wait for another 24 hours to check if it has harden, if it still hasnt hardened, then there could be an improper mixing issue

3. How much pigments should i add? 

It should not exceed more than 5% by volume

4. How much time should i mix resin & hardener?

Mix properly for atleast 3-4 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom

5. How to remove bubbles from the surface?

You can use a Butane/Propane Torch, or you can spray Denatured Alcohol to pop all the bubbles

6. Why is my resin sticky even after 48 hours?

When Resin or Hardener is not mixed properly with each other, this is what happens

This is how easy it is to use Magnifico

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


Using a weighing scale, measure Part A & Part B properly

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


For atleast 3-4 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


You Heard That Right!

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


& let Magnifico do it's thang!

Customer Reviews

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Chethan K
Order not delivered..

Still waiting for order !!!, 1st one lost and 2nd no update …

Yami Gaur
ultra clear casting

"Versatile for various applications, limitless creative possibilities."

Vidhya sharma
ultra clear casting

"Brings jewelry pieces to life, enhances their brilliance."

prutha barot
ultra clear casting

"Smooth flow and easy release from molds."

Sana Salmani
ultra clear casting

"User-friendly instructions, perfect for beginners."

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