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Do's & Don'ts - for Geode Resin

Do's & Don'ts - for Geode Resin

The Do’s: -

  1. Plan Your Design: For accurate colouring placement and effects, sketch out your geode design in detail.
  2. Use High-Quality Resin: To effectively show colours, choose a crystal-clear resin that may have been created specifically for art.
  3. Layering Technique: To create dimension and depth, gently apply multiple coats of resin, having each layer completely cured before applying the next.
  4. Add Pigments and Inclusions: To add some interest and appearance, add crushed plastic or glass, sparkles, metallic powders, or resin pigments.
  5. Use Alternative Pouring and Manipulating Techniques: To create unique designs and effects in your geode design, explore using various pouring and manipulating techniques.

The Don’ts: -

  1. The overheating Resin: To avoid bubbling or uneven curing, avoid applying too much heat directly to resin using heat guns or torches.
  2. Rush the Cure Process: To prevent issues like resin overheating or limited curing, allow enough time to cure between resin layers according to instructions by the manufacturer.
  3. Utilising Contrasting Materials: Use extreme caution when working with elements that include dried flowers or particular colours which might lead to discolouration or degradation because of an adverse interaction with resin.
  4. Considering safety: ensure that you work in a well-ventilated atmosphere, wear appropriate safeguards, such as gloves and a respirator, and follow the safety instructions provided by resin manufacturers provide.
  5. Improper Surface Preparation: To avoid errors in your geode resin product, check that your work area and templates are hygienic, polished and free of dust or trash.



In conclusion, geode resin art is a captivating and entertaining look to explore creativity. These do’s and don'ts will assist artists in developing creations of artwork that perfectly portray the multifaceted beauty of geodes. Always keep in mind to experiment with methods, use premium supplies, and value security to improve the experience and make sure of lasting, remarkable geode resin creations.
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