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The True Monocoat Oil

The True Monocoat Oil

How Magnifico is contributing to give your wood open grain matte finish while enhance the beauty of wood grains and protect your wood with Magnifico’s True Monocoat Oil.

Monocoat polish image on wood

What is Magnifico Monocoat Oil made of?

Natural oil which is manufactured by Magnifico with natural plant and tree oils and waxes, (0% VOC) which can be used in Interior and Exterior both.

Features and Benefits:

At Magnifico, we've crafted our Monocoat oil to provide exceptional results while staying true to our commitment to the environment and health-conscious choices. Let's explore the impressive features and benefits of our Monocoat oil.

Enhanced Safety: Monocoat Oil is 100% non-toxic and VOC-free, ensuring a safe and health friendly applications for everyone involved.

Long-Lasting Protection: Monocoat Oil offers exceptional water resistance, protecting wood surfaces against moisture and spills, enhancing their durability.

Time Saving Application: Monocoat Oil is wipe up and wipe off application the single coat of monocoat oil simplifies the finishing process, saving time and effort, user friendly for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Eco-Friendly: Proudly made in India, the Magnifico Monocoat Oil is 100% eco-friendly and solvent free, promotes sustainability by reducing the use of harmful chemicals in wood finishing.

Professional Quality: Monocoat Oil delivers stunningly premium Matte finishes, delivering professional-level results on wood surfaces.

Enhanced Beauty of Wood: Monocoat Oil enhances the natural beauty and grain of wood, providing elegant and aesthetic finish.

Versatility: Monocoat oil can be used on various wood surfaces, including doors, furniture, floors, panelling, veneers, and more, making it a versatile wood finishing solution.

Cost-Effective: With its extensive coverage of 450 Square Feets in one Litre, the Monocoat oil offers cost-effective wood finishing without compromising on quality.

No Harmful Fumes: The zero VOC formula ensures there are no harmful fumes during and after application, creating a healthier environment for users.

Suitable for All Wood Species: Monocoat oil works effectively on a wide range of wood species, including solid wood, hard wood, soft wood, oily wood, veneers, plywoods, and MDFs.

By choosing Magnifico Monocoat oil, you not only achieve outstanding wood finishes but also promote a safer, eco-friendly, and healthier approach to wood coatings. The numerous benefits make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance the beauty and durability of wood surfaces while maintaining environmental responsibility.
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