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Art Resin Pro


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  • Pot Life : 45 mins

  • Cure Time : 12 Hours

  • Max Pouring Thickness : 15mm 

  • Crystal Clear

  • Auto Bubble Release 

  • UV Resistant 

  • Scratch & Mar Resistant

Heartily designed to be every resin artist’s delight, the Magnifico Art Resin Pro is nothing less than paradise with its elegant finish and performance. Due to its high transparency and medium viscosity it is extensively used for creating art, photographs, jewelry, woodwork, tumblers and what not, while the remarkable pot life of 45 mins and curing time of 12 hours only makes it better. Anything an artist can fathom, the Art Resin Pro can accomplish.

Maneuvered with UV inhibitors, this product prevents yellowing, giving the art its shine along with strong and high build finish. As easy to use as this is, you wouldn’t mind trusting and depending on it. This safe and certified resin is non toxic, non flammable and perfectly safe that it is blissfully ideal for resin artists

With its comforting easy application you are assured a successful project, which is all the more reason for you to allow yourself to indulge in this splendid Art Resin, for the magnificent creator in you.

Recommended Applications: Small coasters, clocks, trays, mdfs, design coats, top coats, name plates, small tabletops/countertops, jewelry casting, etc

Not recommended for: Large projects/tabletops/countertops, Floors, River table casting as the pot life decreases when you mix a lot of resin together which makes it very difficult to work on larger projects where more resin needs to be mixed in single go!

1. How much time does it take for Art Resin Pro to fully cure?

It will take upto 24-36 Hours

2. What to do if the resin remains soft after 24 hours? 

Wait for another 24 hours to check if it has harden, if it still hasnt hardened, then there could be an improper mixing issue

3. How much pigments should i add? 

It should not exceed more than 5% by volume

4. How much time should i mix resin & hardener?

Mix properly for atleast 3-4 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom

5. How to remove bubbles from the surface?

You can use a Butane/Propane Torch.

6. Why is my resin sticky even after 48 hours?

When Resin or Hardener is not mixed properly with each other, this is what happens

This is how easy it is to use Magnifico

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


Using a weighing scale, measure Part A & Part B properly

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


For atleast 3-4 minutes, scraping the sides and bottom

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


You Heard That Right!

Accretion Pharmaceuticals


& let Magnifico do it's thang!

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It getting blur while curing I have tried 3 times

Jenika Patel
Casting resin

This batch is not proper i dont know why the resin is getting blur after harden

Chharoar Hossain Mondal
Wow..... well

Very good

Tania Modha

Art Resin Pro

Chethan K
Didn’t get order

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